South Wales Law Awards – New Date Announced

The South Wales Law Awards is delighted to announce Friday 24th September 2021 at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff, for the second annual South Wales Law Awards.

After the enormous success of the inaugural South Wales Law Awards in 2019, the 2020 awards were on course to be an even bigger and better occasion. However, despite the successful rollout of the vaccine and infections decreasing, it’s still not possible or safe to hold the awards.

Sara Edwards, one of Welsh Television and Radio’s most popular presenters, will once again present the awards, at the iconic Hilton Hotel.

Wesley Skene – South Wales Law Awards Founder said, 2019 was the legal event of the social calendar. The Pandemic required us to delay the 2020 awards ceremony, and the ongoing crisis has again caused a further rescheduling. The 2021 applications process was incredibly successful, and we have broken all records for applications. In 2020, it seems as if every awards ceremony was held online. After nearly a year of rolling lockdowns this way of life is no longer acceptable. We hear of the “New Normal” being spoken of time and time again. The only “New Normal” we should accept is the return to the “Old Normal”. As such, we will postpone the awards until a time that we can all be together and enjoy the success of a hugely important community. The South Wales Law Awards this September will be a fantastic occasion and one that I’m sure we’re all looking forward to.